Columbus Cars & Coffee August 2018

I made it to Columbus Cars & Coffee and it never disappoints. There was quite a range of cars this week. There were exotics, classics, muscle cars, and everything in between.

I briefly spoke to the owner of this 1972 Chevrolet Nova. It was an inline six cylinder and the owner bought it new. She said ” My dad wouldn’t let me buy a V8, he was a smart man.”

If the six cylinder Nova is mild, this V8 version was wild. I didn’t get the build details on it, but judging by the rear tires, this one means business.

I saw something that you don’t see everyday. This 1963 Studebaker Gran Turismo attracted a lot of attention. It was in excellent shape and had many unique features on display.


There was a beautiful Ferrari 488 on display in red with exposed carbon fiber details. The best part about it was the toddler car seat on the passenger side. It spoke to the dad in me.


There were a few other exotics on hand when this Mercedes Benz SLS and Lamborghini joined the meet.

The owner of this Ford GT was really cool about showing people around his ride and displaying the features. I ran into him at another event later the same day.


Speaking of Ford, I couldn’t help but take pictures of this custom pickup, Bronco, and a group of Mustangs.

My favorite Dodge ever is the Viper GTS. The car isn’t flashy compared to some of the other rides in attendance, but they always catch my eye.

This bagged Subaru WRX was not your average stanced car. It had the go fast parts to match its good looks.

Here are a few other rides worth posting. So many different cars and I love them all.



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