Chip Foose & Rabid Customs

Rabid Customs is a newer shop on the scene in Central Ohio, but their work speaks for itself. They have hosted a few meet and greet events this summer, but they have been building up to their show with featured guest Chip Foose. Rabid invited over 70 of the top cars and trucks in the area to be on display at their facility. The show was great, even with the down pour during the event.

The show also had an open house for the full service Rabid Customs facility. They have a dyno, paint booth, showroom, and several state of the art mechanic bays. Foose laid down a custom paint job on the Rabid Customs Ford GT when he wasn’t taking pictures with his many fans. My youngest daughter and I even had the opportunity to meet him.

You may recognize many of the cars from the event Good Guys Columbus or at trophy presentations this summer. These are some of the nicest custom cars in the Columbus area.

Here are a few of my favorite rides from the show. It was a great show and I look forward to seeing more from Rabid in the future.

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