Hot Rod Power Tour 2018: Bowling Green to Chattanooga

I could barely sleep last night. I was so excited to be on the Power Tour cruising with thousands of other hot rods on back roads in Kentucky and Tennessee. My dad came in town to be my copilot and we were all set. You know it’s Power Tour when you look out the hotel room window and see this view.

At the hotel breakfast everyone was decked out in their Power Tour, supplier, or automotive brand gear. After getting food and caffeine, it was time to clean off and check over the cars. I took this opportunity to talk with other tourers and check out their rides.

Not many super cars on the tour, so this Ford GT got a lot of attention.

I can count on one hand how many Panoz I have seen in person. If it weren’t for Gran Turismo, I probably wouldn’t know what it was.

The drive started on I-65 but only for about 7 miles, until we could reach our first state route. Everywhere you looked there were cool and interesting cars.

Hot Rod Power Tour has the best traffic jams ever.

The route was scenic with plenty of twists, turns, and elevation changes.

Even the gas station stops are picture worthy.


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