Time Capsule

When it comes to classic cars, my preference is more pro touring and resto-mod. However, I do appreciate a clean factory style restoration or a properly preserved piece of automotive history.

This 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS provides a good look at what muscle cars looked like fifty years ago. The car is numbers matching, meaning the original VIN on the body and engine/transmission match.

One of the things that makes this car special is how it was optioned. Under the hood, it has a 396 cubic inch big block advertised at 360 hp. The driver is connected to the motor via Muncie M-22, 4 speed manual transmission with Hurst shifter. Power is transferred to the rear wheels through a 12 bolt positraction rear end with 3.73 gears.

The interior is pristine. Bucket seats and manual windows are period correct. Some options include the knee knocker tachometer, center console with clock, and AM radio.

Owner Steve has taken great care to rebuild original parts and document the maintenance. The car was repainted in 2014, but it remains the factory color Aztec Bronze.

Steve started up the car and I must say, it was the quietest Chevelle I have ever heard. With a factory style cam, exhaust manifolds, and factory size exhaust, I can see how this could have been a family car in 1966.

According to Steve, the car may be for sale in the near future.


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