Sentimental Civic

One of the things that fuels my passion for cars is the back story. We all have memories or a story that involves a car. Your first car, what you drove to the drive-in on your first date, the car you learned to drive in, or the car you drove your first child home from the hospital in.

To the untrained eye, this is an old car. For me, I could see the owner had a sense of pride. I knew there was a story. I met Graham at Cars & Coffee. There were all kinds of cars ranging from Ferrari to Austin Healey. Something about this car caught my eye.

I introduced myself and asked him about his car. It is a 1976 Honda Civic. I noticed that it was well preserved for a commuter car that spent its life in the Midwest. He shared that his grandmother bought it brand new in 1976 and he had recently acquired it. How cool is that?

We joked about the 12 inch wheels and tires and great gas mileage. He has been updating parts and maintenance items. It has a few dents and dings, but each one has a story. He shared that his grandmother backed into a Cadillac at some point and there is still signs of it.

I introduced him to another first generation Civic owner and information resource. This is what’s right with the car community. All kinds of people with all kinds of cars, valuing each other and our prized possessions. Graham thanks for sharing your story.

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