Hot Rod Power Tour 2017: Indianapolis

Upon first glance, the Power Tour stops appear to be a large scale car show. The Indianapolis event was held at Lucas Oil Raceway. There were tons of cars everywhere. The sponsors had booths and trailer displays setup. There were cars everywhere, drag racing, and more. Did I mention the thousands of cars? You are in the right place when you see cars like these at registration.


One thing that makes this event different is the comradeship. These drivers were on a road trip together and unlike most low mileage show cars, they took pride in the number of miles they racked up along the way. Many familiar with the HRPT will tell you that it isn’t a trip or cruise, its an adventure. I met my Dad in Indianapolis. He drove out from St. Louis and shared the adventure with me. Many don’t understand why you would drive a 45 year old car, out of state, without air conditioning. Some get it, most don’t.

You never know what you are going to see at the Power Tour events. There is everything from vintage cars to one off creations. Some things are hard to describe. So if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video has to be worth at least one hundred thousand.

Where else can you see a first generation Corvette drag racing a Dodge Viper?

Any fans of Roadkill?

I even saw my car’s cousin. These guys drove their 1972 Cutlass Wagon from Florida to Kansas City and were long hauling.

It was a great introduction to the Hot Rod Power Tour. It was a great start, but the real adventure would take place in the morning. The drive to Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Mopar rides were well represented on the Power Tour.

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A few favorites.

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I am a little biased towards Oldsmobiles. I always have to show love to the 1968-72 Cutlass/442.

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