Hot Rod Power Tour 2017: Getting There

Previously I mentioned taking the Cutlass on part of the Hot Rod Power Tour. I have been intrigued by the adventure of taking a muscle car on a 7 day 7 city road trip. I didn’t think the Cutlass was quite ready for a trip of that magnitude, but I was confident I could complete the last leg of the tour. This year’s tour started out in Kansas City, Missouri before heading to Newton, Iowa; Davenport, Iowa; Champaign, Illinois; and Madison, Illinois in that order. I joined the tour at Indianapolis, Indiana and traveled to the final stop of Bowling Green, Kentucky.

I read numerous posts filled with suggestions on what to bring. My neighbor has done several tours and was a great resource. I collected a pretty lengthy list of just in case items that included fluids, repair aids, tools, and supplies. All this after  checking over the car and ensuring the maintenance was up to date. I checked tire pressures, tightened down bolts, and applied Rain X in preparation for weather.

Modern technology has made getting and staying connected an easier task. Many groups organize using Facebook group messaging. That is how I met up with a group leaving from Ohio for Indy. I was also introduced to an app named Zello. This app functions like a CB radio for groups you create or join. You can use push to talk technology to communicate with your travelling companions or listen in on other Power Tour participant updates.

Through the Hot Rod Power Tour Facebook group, I found a few others traveling to Indy from Ohio. I met up with a father and son duo in Dayton and continued onward.

Much of the first 100 miles were spent checking the gauges and listening for strange sounds. The windows were down and the car was cruising down the road. I even went through a brief shower, but thanks to the Rain X, I didn’t even turn my wipers on.

The sound of the Oldsmobile V8 rumbling; the vibrations of the motor and road; the feel of the air blowing into the windows and vents; and the smell of the fumes exiting the dual exhaust. I could tell two things. There was a smile plastered on my face and I was going to enjoy this trip.


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