Hot Rod Power Tour 2017: Bowling Green or Bust

Full tank of gas, continental breakfast complete, and hotel room checked out. Updated directions have been double checked and it’s time to hit the road. While loading the car, you see others setting out on the journey. The plan was to meet up with the tour on I-465 near I-70 West. Once we got to the interstate we quickly found out that there was an accident and highway construction resulting in gridlock. Our first detour. I decided to go I-465 East then drive through Indy on I-70 West. We soon saw other tour participants that had the same idea.

With thousands of cars as part of the tour, I was amazed to run across people we had seen the previous day. The guys from Florida in the 72 Cutlass flat top wag.

The nice couple long hauling in the yellow Corvette.

We even caught up with the family from Alabama in the 69 Cutlass S.

What separates the HRPT from any other event I have done is the drive. We took the state routes and highways through many different towns, only using the interstate for short transitions. It felt like a family vacation before the interstate.

I brought my Dad with me, so it was male bonding at its best. No radio, no air conditioning, no problem. Some fathers and sons share fishing trips and catch in the backyard, we share tools in the garage and car shows.


The word was out that the tour was coming to town. The adventure turned into a parade in some areas. Traffic lights became an opportunity for locals to get a better look at the rides. Area hot rodders met up to display their cars and show support. Even the gas stops were fun on the tour as you never knew what would pull up next to you next.

It wasn’t all slow cruising and gas stations. There were some sights along the way and wide open stretches of road. With 2.73 gears, the Cutlass was very comfortable on the highway, turning about 2,600 rpm at 70-75 mph. We even made it up to 90 mph while trying to keep up with the group. Not bad for a 45 year old Oldsmobile.


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