Hot Rod Power Tour 2022 – Day 2

One of the main features of Power Tour is the hotel parking lot. Not many events compare to the people and cars right outside your room.

The other major attraction is cruising the route with everyone. We started the day at 8am from our hotel. We planned to meet up with my friend Doug then join the route.

It was a good drive. Weather started off cool and not much traffic for a weekday. There is a lot of beautiful countryside in Tennessee.

Nashville Super Speedway is an impressive track. We went through the tunnel and parked on the infield.

We took a quick look around the venue and checked out the vendors we hadn’t visited the day before. I got a chance to meet Faye Hadley in the eBay Motors booth. She is really a ball of energy!

It was hot and the end of another exhausting day. This would be the end of our Power Tour journey for 2022. We had plans to meet with friends for Nashville hot chicken and we would head back to St. Louis in the morning.


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