Hot Rod Power Tour 2021: Day 1 Norwalk, OH

The Hot Rod Power Tour returned in 2021, picking up where it left off. The 2019 Power Tour ended in Norwalk, Ohio, so we kicked things off at Summit Motorsports Park.

The morning started at 9:30am in Sunbury, Ohio just north of Columbus. I met up with several new and experienced participants. When I got to the meet up location I saw the familiar scene of guys around a car with the hood up. Yes, this was Power Tour. I quickly met Kyle, whose twin turbo, LS powered, 1966 Chevelle had a loose fitting oil line at the turbo. It was all hands on deck, getting him back up and running. Due to the location of the fitting, they had to remove the turbo, repair the line, adjust the fitting, and reinstall the turbo.

While at the gas station, we met Eric from Atlanta. He was driving his 1972 Ford Gran Torino. He is a Power Tour veteran and alternates each year between the Gran Torino and his first gen Camaro.

We hit the road, caravanning to Norwalk without incident.

Once in Norwalk, the party was underway. Cars were arriving from all over the country. People were reconnecting with friends they had not seen since 2019. A familiar face on the main stage is Jeff Thisted. I follow his blog about driving his 1955 Chevrolet across the country. He is based in California, but this is the second time his Chevy has been in Ohio this summer. If you don’t already follow him, check out his blog

It was a long day, so we checked into our hotel and made dinner plans. It was nice to soak up some A/C and talk with friends.

If you don’t already follow Five Lugs on YouTube, check out the video below and subscribe.


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