Hot Rod Power Tour Day 4: Sparta, KY

So we made it to day four. The midpoint of the Power Tour. By now, you know what to expect and you have formed routines. We met up with the crew just north of Bristol to start the route. What a good looking group of rides!

The drive from Bristol to Sparta was the longest leg of the tour. We went from mountain roads to rolling hills.

Along the way we created some of the best traffic jams.

Once at the Kentucky Speedway the participant parking was in the infield.

I parked near a 1969 Oldsmobile 442 W-30 with originality and documentation. I spoke to the owner and his wife. They were headed to Lansing, Michigan after Power Tour for the Oldsmobile Reunion.

It turned out to be great weather and it gave us an opportunity to see Autocross action.

It was also a great chance to take a closer look at the vendors.

I saw another of my favorite cars of the week. A beautiful 1967 Oldsmobile 442 convertible belonging to John Trial. I had seen his car on some of the Oldsmobile sites and I love the build. It is amazing and the two tone blue paint did not disappoint.

I also got to meet one of my favorite car show hosts, Rutledge Wood. He is a genuinely great guy. He took the time to chat with each person and pose for pictures. He even shared words of advice with me and I appreciate that.

It didn’t take long before our day had come to an end. We had a 30 minute drive from Kentucky Motor Speedway to our hotel. We left Tennessee in the morning, spent the day in Kentucky and went on to our hotel in southern Indiana.

We hung out late preparing for the next days adventure. We had big plans for Indianapolis.


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