Cabin Fever

Every few years, Ohio experiences a real winter. Cold temperatures, snow days, and ice. The past few years have been rather warm for winter, but it finally caught up to us. Thus, I haven’t been able to drive the Cutlass or even work on it for that matter.

Today, I couldn’t take it anymore. The weather was in the high 30 degrees and the roads were dry. Good enough for me. I fired up the Olds, checked the tire pressures, and drove over to Cars & Coffee. There were about 15 cars that showed up. Very good representation from the modern muscle cars and the all wheel drive imports.


I had a chance to talk with a few owners of some nice rides. One car that stood out was Tate’s Pontiac GTO. It is motivated by a 402 cubic inch LS with an LSA supercharger at 12 pounds of boost. It is sending over 700 horsepower to the rear wheels. He even started it up so that we could hear it roar.



I also ran across this Factory Five Cobra built by Forma Cars. It looked perfect with great detail in the paint work even on the underside of panels and hinge areas. The interior and installation of the Ford Coyote engine were done to the same quality as the rest of the cars. Very impressive.

I didn’t get to talk to the owner, but I couldn’t find any reason not to like an 800 rwhp Cadillac CTS-V that looks this clean.


On the drive home, I was met with a few thumbs up, glares, and smiles. I needed to feel the rumble of the Oldsmobile V8 engine to maintain my sanity. I thought back to when I disconnect the leaking heater core during the engine build. It wasn’t in the budget to replace it at the time, and I figured I wouldn’t drive the car during the cold months. On the drive there, I could see my breath inside the car. On the way home it had warmed up a few degrees. Even with my teeth chattering, the car still puts a smile on my face.



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