Ace Cafe Orlando Cars & Coffee

While on vacation in Orlando, Florida I had a chance to stop by the cars and coffee hosted by Ace Cafe. First, let me say that Ace Cafe has a nice site in downtown Orlando with ample parking. The cafe is a restaurant and bar with automotive and motorcycle memorabilia that would make any gear head feel at home.

Ace Cafe, as in cafe racing.

The cafe is known for hosting motorcycle and car events nearly every day. Their calendar is filled with events ranging from bike nights to cruise-ins, import meets to truck gatherings.

I spoke to a few owners and met some nice people. It was a small gathering this week, but weekly events can be hit or miss. Here are a few vehicles from the meet.

Mark 3 Toyota Supra Turbo with plans for a 2JZ engine swap in the works. This is the owner’s drag car, in case you couldn’t tell by the meats on the rear. He has another of the same generation setup for road courses.

Murdered out Ford Mustang with quite a few modifications. Yes it is a V6. Yes it is faster than you think.

There were a pair of Lotus Elise in attendance. Excellent condition and I am sure fun to drive. The owners were sharing tips and sourcing information for parts. What we do when we meet someone with a similar car, right?

I met the owner of this clean Honda Civic Si. Not over done, and tastefully modified.

It wouldn’t be Florida without at least one Corvette. This is no rental. It’s a Z06 Corvette.

You know I can’t walk past a yellow Ferrari in any city.

Overall, it was great taking in a piece of the car culture in Florida. I couldn’t imagine having this type of weather all the time as a car guy. I would always want to cruise for a while, but I am sure I would get burned out at some point.


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