Just Another Saturday Morning

One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday morning is attend Columbus Cars & Coffee. I have shared before that you never know what you are going to see.

My buddy Steve was heading out and asked if I was going. I didn’t need much of a nudge to fire up the Cutlass and ride out. Steve has been replacing sheet metal in a 1966 Oldsmobile F85 that his wife inherited. It was good to see it out on the road.

I spotted a few really interesting rides this week. This 1974 Chevy Monte Carlo was as clean a car as I have seen. The black paint was pristine and interior perfect.

While complimenting an owner on his 1955 Chevrolet Nomad, I asked if I had met him before, perhaps in an Oldsmobile. He replied, “do I have an Oldsmobile?” He seemed to think hard about it, which intrigued me. After talking more, he shared that he currently has 17 automobiles in his private collection. 

I also had the opportunity to speak with the owner of a Beck produced replica of a Porsche Speedster. She shared that her husband bought it for her a year ago. She was happy to talk about it being a fun twisty road car.

The new new Honda Civic Type R has always been buzz worthy in the United States. I finally saw one in the wild and they look great.

The day is not complete without some JDM goodness. I saw a right hand drive Toyota Laurel with factory turbo. 

There was also a 1980’s Corolla with period correct modifications.

Also a newer Corolla with stance and a great color scheme. I love black and gold!

Although there were 2 Lamborghinis this week, the super car that caught my attention was this Audi R8 with V10 engine. The brilliant blue paint and use of carbon fiber was stunning.

A beautiful 1954 Oldsmobile 88.

There was even an original Mini Cooper to round out the eclectic collection of vehicles.

First generation Ford Mustang that I almost missed.

All these vehicles and the owners that share their stories are why I love this weekly event. 

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