Jax Wax Street Madness 2023

Jax Wax car care products is a favorite in Columbus and has been a part of the car scene for years. They have sponsored events at the shop near the airport, but in the last few years the attendance has exploded. Their Street Madness event is now one of the biggest events of the year and each time, it gets better.

Last year the event moved to National Trails Raceway and included drag racing. This year they partnered with Rabid Customs, added more vendors, and activities. It remains an affordable, family friendly event that attracts car guys and girls across the spectrum.

The venue is perfect because the neighbors don’t complain about the noise. At a drag strip, no one is bothered by engines revving or music thumping. You can even stand your low rider on it’s back bumper if you want to.

You want smoke? There was an insane burnout competition! Drivers that spun until the tires popped were rewarded with $100.

There were all kinds of show cars at the Street Madness event. This year they added a VIP section for high end builds and anyone that wanted to spend the money on a premium ticket.

The drag racing went on during the event. The only pause was for the burnout competition. There were 9 second cars and 15 second daily drivers. It was open to anyone that signed up.

The Jax Wax Street Madness has become THE event in Columbus. It’s for everybody, but it is especially for the car community!

Video coverage is now available on YouTube. Check out the link below and subscribe while you’re there. Five Lugs on YouTube


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