Something Different 2

You May remember my buddy Michael from Something Different when he shared his 1962 Saab 96. He recently replaced that car and stopped by to show me what he picked up.

His new classic is a 1965 Lancia Fulvia coupe. The cars has classic Italian styling and handles well. We went to Cars & Coffee together where it was quite the magnet.

We also met a couple of guys with a 1962 Divco. For those not as familiar, DIVCO stands for Detroit Industrial Vehicle Company and their trucks served in many fields in the 1900’s. This particular truck was owned by a bakery and was used to deliver bread, cakes, and other baked goods. You can still see the company information on the side of the truck. You will also notice the custom wheels incorporating the Divco logo.

We also talked with the owner of this 1966 Ford Cortina which was a joint venture between Ford and Lotus. The car was prepped for performance.

A couple of cars that caught my eye were purpose built performance machines. An Ultima RS and an LS1 swapped Nissan 240SX drift car.

It was a great day. I planned to go the Jax Wax Street Madness but it was rescheduled due to weather that moved into the area. The show season has just begun and I am looking forward car shows, cruise-ins, and cars & coffee

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