Sunny Saturday Morning in February 

Today’s forecast was on our side. Every Saturday morning in Columbus is Cars & Coffee, rain or shine. Seems like all the car guys and gals had the same idea. As usual there were cars from all over the globe. 

What I enjoy most about this Saturday morning ritual is the opportunity to talk with the owners. 

I met the owner of a 1970 Oldsmobile Rallye 350 that he recently inherited from his uncle. The car had family history and he shared a few fond memories. As a fellow Cutlass owner, I am always glad to see another Olds.

I ran into a couple of guys that were checking out my car and found out that they were the owners of two of my favorite cars of the day. One owns a 69 Nova with a crate 502 and six speed manual. The other owns a custom Corvair with an LS swap and some of the deepest dish wheels I have ever seen. A close friend of theirs is a builder and from what I saw, he does some amazing work.

It was such a great turnout today. Here are a few rides that caught my eye.

Stay tuned for more car shows and events. 


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